Thursday, May 20, 2004

left behind

Ever since I got my hands on the Left Behind series, I can't stop putting them down. Managed to read the all 10 of 'em because a friend's collecting. It was a few years ago that Tim LaHaye and Jerry B.Jenkins started with the first book, Left Behind. One critic even commented that what they were doing to Christian fiction was similar to what John Grisham was doing to courtroom thrillers. Most of their books are on bestsellers' list as soon as they are out.

If not for work (and to avoid having panda eyes), I'd be staying up late every night to read. They are just so rivetting. Most days I reach for the book as soon as I reach home and continue till past 1am. Of course, since my attention span aint as good as it was when I was still studying, I have to put it down once in awhile. Just as well, if not the dishes will start stinking and clothes pile up!

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