Saturday, May 15, 2004

whirlwind 1 : the one with the short retreat

It has been a whirlwind of activities for the past week or so since the month started. May started with a little retreat to Port Dickson with the worship team (WT) members, me reeling from the sudden news of my U.S. cousin getting married (through a mutual friend at that!), the death of an acquaintance whom I briefly met last year at a camp, my annual reunion with a childhood best friend, to last-minute requests for our department to "supply" usherettes at some company functions and me sharing in MMU's CF.

I have not had time to properly digest all these and let them sink in. At a friend's prompting and "threat" to bug me until I blog more often, I decided to spend some time to jot down my thoughts. Maybe this will help sort the muddled thoughts.

Retreat was good. Something I looked forward to. Even if it was just an overnight stay at one of Malaysia's most popular beaches. It was such a popular destination that it took us double the usual 2 hours to reach there. Everyone seemed to be there. Families and groups of people were everywhere! No space to even swim in the hotel's swimming pool. But the night walk, fellowship with fellow team members, message shared by our WT pastor and coordinator, abundant food and getting-out-of-the-city was something I felt I needed. I got to meet some people I've only seen singing and serving on stage. When our church had 2 services on Sundays, there was time for breakfast in between. With the bigger premises and single service, we only met up for practices and left after services.

Our WT coordinator shared about "Passion for Christ". Most of the time we just go through the routines of serving and it gets monotonous after awhile. Some of us do it because our names are on the duty roster, or we've been doing it all these while. He reminded us to always look to God as our source of joy. For He is the reason we're up there on the stage, week after week. He is the One we should be serving. A lot of the congregation look up to us "frontliners". It's easy to think we're superstars performing a show if we're not careful. We have to walk the walk and talk the talk because people are observing us. We're called to be living testimonies to those around us.

Felt really refreshed at the end of it. Somehow the drive back wasn't as stressful, even though it was still a little jammed :P

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