Monday, May 10, 2004

night fever, night fever

3 things I enjoyed during yesterday's showing of Saturday Night Fever are :

saturday night fever

1) The intro --> Well, technically it would be the announcement by the Aussie MC where he asked the audience to switch off their "telefon bimbit, alat penggera dan alat telekomunkasi" in BM. It was a good 2 minute's worth of English-ised BM announcement done with much flair and style. I can't describe in words (whatwith my limited vocabulary!), but you have to hear him for yourself to appreciate his effort. And for that, the audience gave him an applause when he ended with "tuh-ri-muh kah-sey den suh-la-met muh-non-toon!"

2) Monty --> He's the comic relief in Sat Nite. Completely done up with the look of that era (flare pants, tight shirt opened up to reveal chest, Afro hairdo), Monty is a dance teacher who has no qualms adjusting his underwear (like how some people do after realising their undies has somehow slipped into uncomfortable positions) after every dance class. And he's a damn good butt wriggler!

3) The dances + costumes --> Absolutely fabulous! I didn't manage to catch the original Saturday Night Fever, but I kinda knew the storyline. I'm into oldies and all things retro (except for the depressing 80's), and found myself moving to the beat. Those from the older generation would appreciate the flare pants, Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, geometrical prints, and slick Elvis hairdo. :D And for those who are going to catch this broadway show, be sure to stay until the end. The finale is (IMHO) a culmination of all the dances combined. The said MC will cue : "Kue-luh Loom-pour, let's dance!" With the people in the front rows standing up to dance, you'll have no choice but to join in the fun!

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