Sunday, August 24, 2014

can't take the malaysian out

The things I do when I have my cravings. Proof that I'm a typical Malaysian willing to go the extra mile for the sake of food!

September 2012, California : Kangkung belacan at Malaysian restaurant recommended by an Indian colleague working at our American subsidiary

February 2013, Amsterdam : A variety of Indonesian dishes at a restaurant called Pelangi with a Portugese friend, during a snowy business trip at our European subsidiary

July 2013, London : Vietnamese restaurant near our hotel at Islington, my last meal just had to be rice because I had missed this staple item after too much chips and sandwiches

July 2014, Taipei : Fried oyster omelette during an exploration of the night market with my ex-Tokyo housemate, now it makes me want to eat the Malaysian/Penang version!

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