Sunday, August 31, 2014

selamat merdeka, malaysia tersayang

The last time I did something patriotic was joining the Jom Balik Undi FB group, and then taking a flight home to exercise my right as a voter.

I felt a sense of responsibility encouraging fellow Malaysians living abroad to go home and make a difference. I had missed voting the previous election as I was in Tokyo then, especially it being my birthday wished I could have done it anyways.

I made sure to register myself as a voter, and then when the chance came, to fly home to vote. I wish we made a difference this time around.

Even though we didn't topple the ruling party, it kinda brought us together. The voting stations were full of people, many of us had to wait in the hot sun to get into the proper queues. People from all walks of life, various ethnicities, languages and faith, all chatting to each other while waiting for our turns.

The recent tragedies of MH370 and MH17 saw the country united against unsolved mysteries, wartime atrocities and spotlight from the rest of the world.

I wish we didn't need to have big events such as these to bring us together. Even the humble nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, mamak food in the middle of the night, and the ubiquitous chicken rice bring us together on a daily basis.

On this 57th National Day, even though I'm far from home, my heart still longs for homely comforts. I wish I could be there when they light up the fireworks; but I guess I'll keep on praying for this country which has so much potential, for more love and tolerance all around, and for His hope and light to shine.

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