Friday, August 15, 2014

traipsing in taiwan p4

Sometimes I feel like this cat below; I wish I could stretch my stress away.

After what seemed like a sad week of working while everyone is away on summer break, it ended rather nicely this evening. I was able to get to the root of an issue that has been plaguing the European team for some time. In an ironic twist while trying to put the responsibility on someone else, the email got forwarded to my boss and I was able to show him it was under control.

I'm convinced sparks of wisdom that comes to me despite me being really tired must come from above.

* On a happier note, this was taken at a little corner souvenir shop in Jiufen. The shop assistant is such an amusing being; animatedly illustrating to us the various uses of her products in Taiwanese-accented Japanese. I personally am not fond of cats, but couldn't help but get one for myself. Apparently good massage tool, just what I need eh?!

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