Tuesday, August 05, 2014

cards on the wall

In the Edogawabashi house, I had a little area which I used as a dressing table of sorts. All the postcards, greetings cards, photographs and crafts I did were pasted on the wall surrounding the mirror.

I'm glad I managed to take a picture of this space filled with memories from my Niigata and Tokyo days. Sometimes when I look back at this picture, it kinda looks like a shrine!

So I tried to do something similar in my little studio here, though I don't really have a proper dressing table. So my cards and photographs are scattered all over.

I have a little space above my make-do dressing table where I have put up the postcards. On the left are those from my colleagues - mainly New Year greetings. On the right are from friends - mainly postcards and birthday cards.

Strangely last night possibly because of the summer heat, all that's left was this. I can't help but wonder if there's a meaning to this!


Stanley Too said...

hmm, where's my postcard from austria?

§nóflèk said...

@stanley the postcard was up there, but somehow fell down with the rest, need to see how to make them stay up :'/