Sunday, August 10, 2014

though typhoons may rage

I had meant to write a little something to commemorate my being here 2 years.

I was getting a bit restless past few months, and then a bunch of things happened that threw my world upside down. I think God knows I love surprisesvariety and can't stand routine. Note to self, gotta be more specific when wishing for things, even when uttered under the breath.

One surprisingly resolved pretty quickly and amicably; the one that caused me the most stress. One happened unexpectedly, and still is not resolved; the one that is involving more and more people. One turned out to be much relief in the midst of grief and disappointment; the one that left me dazed.

As I prepare to step into a new season, wondering what He has in store for me, I'm humbled by what He has allowed me to experience so far. Even though I was not able to take some time off to celebrate my anniversary here, somehow the past couple of weeks have brought some needed joy in the midst of 2 typhoons.

Invitation to a recital, fruity parfait fellowship with the grrls, a colourful summer bouquet, chocolate almond cookies from home, badminton and bowling in one night, dinner and drinks with a charming group and an intimate tea time over shared stories.

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