Tuesday, April 06, 2004

off to the hairdresser's we go

Going to the hairdresser can be quite a daunting experience. You just can't wait to hear what the hairdresser has to say about the condition of your hair.

The last stylist almost killed my hair by shredding the cuticles off. Waitaminute, "shred" ain't exactly the term here, but I found out that's what he did from my current hairdresser. To explain briefly, he used the edges of his scissors to slice away the cuticles (outer layer of the hair), making it thinner and lighter. However, this exposed the cortex (center part of the hair), making it dry and brittle. No wonder lar.. no matter how much conditioner I use, it still looks dry! So when my hairdresser pulled some of the hair up and let go, they did not fall down nicely. Instead, some hung halfway and looked really lifeless.

To overcome this problem, she told me that she'd have to cut off those parts which was damaged by his scissors. That would amount to about 2 to 3 inches. 3 inches?! I was cringing when she measured that length with her thumb and forefinger. So long ar??, I thought.

Ok, I said. As long as this solves my dry hair. To go one step further, I asked her to steam my hair. So after cutting my hair (thank God it didn't look like she cut a lot!), she proceeded to slap some creamy looking gunk and massage it into my hair. Pulling the hair into separate sections, she gently pulled and flipped my hair as if it was a piece of roti canai. I could feel my whole head sway. When the whole hair was smothered in the said gunk, she took the steamer thingy and put it over my head. It was like being in a sauna, except that the rest of the body was not in it.

After what must have felt like half an hour in head sauna, she removed the protective towel and washed the gunk off. Doing the usual blow drying and styling, I secretly hoped that I (my hair, to be specific) would look like Jennifor Aniston's... LOL! Well, it did turn out beautifully. I was really pleased with the results.

But the Jennifer hair only remained like that until I washed my hair off the next day :P

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