Friday, August 27, 2004

all my hard work...

Tis been a busy week. Was never rushed into being so creative before! Along with the final finetuning for the earlier website, my immediate boss requested for the designs for our coming Annual Dinner to be ready. The first and last meeting was months ago, and she expected us to have worked on it between then and now. Apparently, the chairman of the committee had decided on the theme and without a second meeting and official notification, we were supposed to know about it.

Dear xxx,
For your information, we were not aware that the theme for the dinner has been decided. It is impossible to to show you something today.

Well, that was what I wanted to write, but being the polite and courteous person I always try to be (hah), I re-phrased it : "We're sorry that we won't be able to give you the designs today. If you could give us some time, we will show you some designs for your consideration, before the end of the week" (or something like that).

That did the trick. She replied and gave us an extra week to work on it. *Whew! Thank you, God!*

After finalising my website, I managed to find some time to work on the invitation card, backdrop and entrance design. For the past few days, my collegue and I stayed back to finish up the work. We had tonnes of ideas flowing in from everyone in the department, but resources were lacking. After going through various image banks to search for the right images to portray the theme, we finally managed to complete the designs last night. Everyone else had left. Lights in the other half of the department were switched off, the window which reflected the greenery outside in the daytime had already turned into a mirror because it was so dark outside. Plus, there is a cemetery next to our building. Not many people like the idea of staying back to work.

So you can imagine our relief when we completed everything required, and with hungwy tummies, we walked out of the office together. It sure was eerie when the office was so quiet. But anyways, I arrived in the office this morning feeling rather satisfied with the amount of work we put in, in such a short notice. And you can imagine again the look on my face when I discovered that my A.M. announced that my boss would not be coming in! *_*

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