Thursday, November 11, 2004


Tonight was the last of i-bridge camp planning meetings. Can't believe we still had so many things to settle. But we had great fun. Excellent host, I must add. I officially note my heartfelt thanks for her generosity - spaghetti followed by fruits and ice-cream are stuff that you don't usually get at committee meets!

And tonight was when Hedonese decided to expose my, erm, affection for Jeff. Yes, the guy whom I'm supposed to be in love with. Whose voice I'm so enamoured with. But whose person I've never met. So far.

From now on I have to think even harder about what I post online. First of all, it were the guys I can't tell whose endeavours have gone quite unexpected, then it spreaded to all these i-bridge people! I must watch my words and make sure I behave in here. :>

No more S&M, no more Valentine stories, no more juicy gossips.

Darn, that leaves me with boring work updates, no one to complain about and worse of all, I have to behave like I'm in church!


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