Wednesday, November 24, 2004

it took me so long to learn this..

.. that the whole camp experience wasn't just about serving other people and making sure they leave the camp with good memories.

Was trying to apply the Personal Rule of Life learnt from Dr Living when I decided to just write down my thoughts in my journal. Some of my more intimate conversations with Him are revealed as I pen down the things that go through my head. Sometimes there's just too much running up there that I find it hard to focus. Journalling, as I learnt from the last i-bridge camp, helps a lot.

Basically, there's a lot of humbling lessons to be learnt, right from the planning of the camp, going through the camp itself and even until today. All I can say is, sometimes it's not just the other person, it could be yourself.

One of the half campers who insisted on giving his "excess" money to bless the committee members even shared a similar tale. Even though he didn't manage to come in time to enjoy the ice breakers or got to know everyone's names, he gave a moving testimony at the last day of camp. He shared a little bit more after I replied to his email.

Even though our experiences are different, but God managed to show us what a gracious and merciful Father He is. With all the tantrums and demands we throw at God, I'm amazed He hasn't disowned us yet! :P

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