Friday, November 19, 2004

torn on thursday

my next thursday is cramped and i'm torn on all sides.

got this invite for a book launch at carcosa seri negara (!). the terror merror* lady minister shahriz@t will be there to officate the whole thing, and we were invited to savour food which form "malaysia's culinary heritage". a chance to put on the fats and enjoy the famed ambience in the very hotel where Queen E herself stayed.

at the same time, our jr church team will be having our fortnightly meeting. i already had to excuse myself last week due to the camp planning. as much as i think some meetings are a waste of time (where people drink coffee and make a lot of noise), this type of meetings are needed. if not, the kids will wreck havoc come sunday and teachers will be in need of a spa and massage at the end of the day.

and we have an ongoing discussion to decide when to hold a post mortem for the camp. can't wait for more fellowship and food. malaysians are a gluttonny lot. i'm amazed at the amount of food we eat and the lengths we go just to find good food! anyways, i hope we come to a consensus soon. most are excited and want to contribute something for dinner. i'd lurve to have them try my specialty, but i'm wondering whether i'll have time to go home to prepare it!

oh well, the weekend is here. 4 more hours to go.

i think i shall take a nap first. they say an afternoon siesta keeps you refreshed for the rest of the day. :)

*terror merror --> very terror --> not scary, but hebat. known for her passion and determination in her capacity as minister of women, family n community development.

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