Monday, January 26, 2009

whoosh it went

It's only the 4th week into the 1st month of the year and I'm already exhausted. This week, in particular has been taxing. To say it had been a whirlwind of a week is an understatement. Even the Brand's Chicken Essence that I usually count on did little to give me the boost that I needed.

Three words to describe the week : intense overwhelming whirlwind.

I'm not saying it was altogether bad. The highlight of the week culminated over the weekend with a nomikai* on Friday with fellow IUJ salaryman*, cheese fondue party-cum-dousoukai* on Saturday with more friends from IUJ and a Chinese New Year "reunion dinner" shinnnenkai* with fellow Malaysians at a Mongolian restaurant yesterday night.

I'd be surprised if I did not put on weight after all that eating. As usual, when I'm busy indulging and catching up with and making new friends, I forget about taking pictures.

I managed to meet a long-lost friend from MMU last night, that was a surprise. I also brought along Masami to the party, even though she's only half-Malaysian. But she really enjoyed herself and was gushing about how much fun she had meeting other Malaysians at Tokyo. She even "complained" that I had more friends in Tokyo :D

Overall very good week altogether, even though I must admit some of it could have been better spent. However, no regrets though.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go shower and wind down with my grapefruit lime peppermint soap!

* nomikai 飲み会 【のみかい】 (n) drinking party; get-together
* salaryman サラリーマン (n) salary man; company employee
* dousoukai 同窓会 【どうそうかい】 (n) graduate's association; alumni meeting; class reunion;
* shinnenkai 新年会 【しんねんかい】 (n) New Year's party

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